May 3, 2020

60th Degree Society Membership

Greetings and continued good health to everyone as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to unfold.

It has been a difficult time for our membership.  There has been no personal face to face interaction since March 11, 2020.

April has passed and 2 membership general meetings and a Bunko event have been cancelled. 

May is upon us and the pandemic is still like the sword of Damocles on a thin thread overhanging our heads.  What does this imply for us?  No general meetings (2) and no Awards presentation. 

Let us look to June.  Again, as you are probably aware, cancellations of general meetings (2) and the Euchre/Potluck scheduled for June 17 is again staring our membership in the face subject to government decrees.  Should the province open its restrictions, we still will have limitations on group sizes and social distancing to consider, hence our schedule faces another month of cancelled events

Now, let us look to the future subject to the lifting of group gathering and social distancing restrictions. In July, we have 2 general meetings and Leo’s Special Event.

In August, we have 2 general meetings and the ever- popular corn-roast.

In September, we have 2 general meetings and a Bunko/Potluck event.  The Potluck always showcases the spectacular culinary efforts of the attendees and a epicurean delight for the participants.

In October, what can I say?  Oktoberfest and 2 general meetings.  This event is always well attended, with an enjoyable festive Bavarian menu and beer (of course) lending to its authenticity.

In November, we have 2 general meetings and a Bunko/Potluck event. 

In December, 1 general meeting and our Christmas Party.  What can I say but thank you to the organizing committee members who go all out to ensure that the 60th Degree Society closes the year with an enjoyable feast and dancing.

All in all, 2020 will be a year that lives on in infamy.  Everything that we experience will be indelibly seared in our collective memories.  I continue to wish everyone and their families, friends and relatives continued good health as we endure this pandemic.

A special thank you to our Director of Communications, Al Oatridge who keeps us up-to-date on the Covid-19 watch.

One final caveat, our projected meeting schedule will be mandated by government regulations on group size and social distancing directives.

Best regards and stay safe.


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