Sixtieth Degree Constitution

(Revised Dec. 17, 2017)



The purpose of the Sixtieth Degree Society of Oakville is to provide a congenial atmosphere and environment where good fellowship, recreational and social activities may be made available to all of its membership, which will consist of fully retired gentlemen, who have at least attained their sixtieth year. 


Membership is limited to 75 active members. The actual number of members may be less than 75 at any given time, but the maximum may not be exceeded. The maximum number of active members may be revised once per annum at any regular scheduled meeting by simple majority vote of the members in attendance.

Three types of membership shall be recognized:

Active Members: consisting of annual dues paying voting members in good standing.

Inactive Members: consisting of former active members who for reasons of age, poor health or relocation cannot attend our regular meetings. Such members are non-voting and non-dues-paying members, but they may attend meetings and functions of The Society.

Associate Members: consisting of the widows of former members, they do not vote or pay dues or attend regular scheduled meetings. They may attend any or all other functions of The Sixtieth Degree Society. 

To become a member, a prospective member’s name must be submitted at a regular membership meeting for consideration by the total membership, with such submission being made by a sponsoring member in good standing.  When submitting the name of a prospective member, the sponsoring member must address the meeting by giving a brief resume concerning the length of his acquaintanceship with the prospect, a background sketch of the prospect’s history and character, and his (the sponsor) reasons for considering the gentleman an asset for our organization. The prospect will be held in consideration for membership until the next scheduled regular meeting. During this period, the proposal(s) shall be presented to the membership committee for screening.

At the next regular meeting, the sponsoring member will then repeat his submission of the prospect’s name and make a proposal that the prospect be accepted for membership. The prospects membership will then be decided by a simple majority vote of all member present. Members may sponsor several candidates during a calendar year. 


Directors of the Society: 

Directors are elected by the Active Members for a two year term of office. Such elections are to occur during the meeting held on the fourth Wednesday of each September as required. Prior to that date, the current directors should encourage other active members to volunteer for director positions. In the case were there is only one volunteer for a particular position, that position will be filled by acclamation. If there are no volunteers for a given position, the Society Chairman will appoint someone to that position. In the case where there is interest from two or more members in any particular position, a vote by active members will decide who shall serve. This will be done on a bi-annual basis or as required.

The duties of the newly elected directors will commence at the first meeting of the following year. No director should serve in the same position for more than three consecutive two year terms. If there are no other candidates, an extension may be granted at the discretion of the chairman.

The following positions are declared to be Directors’ posts: 




Recording Secretary 

Chairman of Spiritual and pastoral Works 

Chairman of the Membership Committee

Chairman of the Communications Committee 

Custodian of properties 

Chairman of Social Activities 

Meetings and Functions Officers

The following positions are declared to be Meetings and/or Functions posts: 

Meeting Chairman 

Meeting Co-Chairman 

Activity and/or Function Chairmen or Convenors 

Meeting Chairman and Co-chairman Positions are appointed and scheduled by the Chairman. 

Activity and/or Function Chairmen or convenors will be appointed by the Chairman of Social Activities. They report to the Chairman of Social Activities, and their position lasts until the completion of the activity or function, for which they are responsible during the current year. 

By-Laws of the Society

  1. Bar service closed during all regular meeting sessions.
  2. No member shall purchase a drink for any other member during any scheduled second or fourth Wednesday meeting of the society.
  3. Regular scheduled meetings of The Society shall be held on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month, commencing sharply at 1:15 pm
  4. The meeting held on the fourth Wednesday of each month is to be preceded by a church attendance and breakfast that same morning. Both Active and Inactive Members may attend.
  5. Annual membership dues are required of each active member of The Sixtieth Degree Society, and fall due on or before the first meeting held each January. Upon payment of his dues, each Active Member will be presented with his Membership Card for that year. The directors shall select a new colour background for the Membership Card each year. Annual dues are currently set at $35.00, but this amount may be revised by Active Members for any given year by a simple majority vote. 
  6. Only active members may vote on any aspect or function of the Society.
  7. Any active member who, due to infirmity, advancing age, or relocation, wishes to avail himself of the opportunity to select Inactive Membership may do so upon making his request to the Chairman of the membership Committee.
  8. A seconder is not required for any or all motions presented during regular scheduled meetings. A simple majority vote is all that is required to pass or fail any motion.
  9. It is the responsibility of the sponsor of any new member to insure that required information concerning the enrollee is given to the Chairman of the membership Committee, and the Chairman of the Communications Committee (name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail address, spouse’s name, birthday, and wedding anniversary (if applicable)). It is also the sponsoring member’s responsibility to ensure that the new member does pay his initial annual dues to the Treasurer.
  10. The purchase of admissions to The Society’s functions is restricted to Active, Inactive, and Associate Members. The purchase of admissions to The Society’s functions by members for use by non-members may only occur at the discretion of the Event Chairman or Convenor. Similarly, when a given function is limited as to the number of attendees that can be accommodated (e.g. number of seats on a bus) then the sale of admission shall be made in the first instance to those members in attendance at the meeting when tickets for the event are first available for sale. These rules under paragraph 10 are established in an attempt to be fair to all members by publishing the rules for purchasing admissions to society events.
  11. Announcements concerning any upcoming events that are not a direct function of the society must be approved by the Meeting Chairman before the meeting is called to order.

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